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Not just another online class

Our Online Classes

Our instructors would like to provide the opportunity to teach you how to draw comic book art in light of the ongoing pandemic. So we put together some courses that have never been offered before such as the beginner art classes and intermediate classes. Keep reading to see what we offer in our online classes. 

  • Classes are Live and Interactive.

    • Classes are broken up into two parts; Lecture & Review. ​

    • Unlike many of the online courses out there, you get the chance to ask questions and get your work critiqued by our instructors. 

  • Lifetime Access to ​Recordings/Materials

    • We record every single class so that you can watch it over & over again.​ 

    • Students receive work files (original PSD files with corrections from instructors)

  • Top Industry Professionals​

    • Learn from the best. Our instructors are actively working in the comic book & video game industry just to name a few.​ 

    • Get to know what it's like working in the industry. 

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