Comic books are more than just drawing superheroes; it's about storytelling.


Comic Pro Boot Camp is created for highly-creative individuals interested in taking their art skills to the next level and to those who need that extra push to get them on the path to become a professional artist.


The boot camp is designed as hands-on experience of working through the pipeline of developing various parts of a professional comic book. The workshop offers students a chance to work with real scripts and go through an intensive schedule of producing an art piece by a fictitious 'deadline' (end of the workshop) and most importantly, how to tell a story through their art. Each workshop offers valuable information, techniques, and tips from industry professionals to hone your skills as an artist. By going through this pressure-cooker environment with instant feedback, the fundamentals that you learn from this workshop can be valuable to those not only interested in comic books, but also to those interested in becoming a production/storyboard/concept artist in other industries such as animation and video games.


Access to videos of the seminar will also be available on a private page so students can go back and review lessons at their own time, at any time. Instructors will also host two online sessions (Q&A Style) after your course is complete to support your journey as an artist further.


Price: $695

Next Session: Aug 30 - September 1, 2019


A Note From Ryan Benjamin:

I have met many artists around the world who love comics but haven't been able to pursue their dream to work in comics because of various personal circumstances. This boot camp will take those who have the burning desire but can't get over the hump in their art skills to make it happen and strengthen your weaker areas. So we (the instructors) came together to give personal one-on-one instruction to those who wish to take their art skills to the next level. The workshop is developed to individually polish your art with professional techniques, to break down, and set up your comic book art game through multiple steps. You will get instructions from active professionals who currently work with many top comic book and entertainment companies. So when you are ready, join us to gain the experience and take your skills to the next level.


*The instructors will be moving at a fast pace, so we recommend that students who sign up have a basic art background/knowledge. Comic book knowledge is a plus!  Contact us if you have any questions.

*The minimum participant's age is 18 years old. Some exceptions may be made for minors. 

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